About Us

Long House at BORNEO

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to share my personal and our accompanies travel experiences!

Travel is my business. Exploring is my heartbeat, making friend and feeling belonging is nature as a person. The combination of the above, I believed, comes in handy to travelers like you.

I have been on travelling since late 1990’s, sadly, no organize and proper notes taken until lately, on advice by close friend and acquainted , to create some venue to share the journey and travel experiences.

With this simple blog and continuous improvement, I will try to upload and share the places, cultures, people and countries I have visited and open for any improvement, comments and suggestions for benefit of others wishing to explore the never ending journey and quest into this wonderful world of Earth.

Further, we are here because we believe in true friendship regardless of race, culture, believe and origin. We are expanding and providing the better platforms for our friends to know people and countries worldwide! Where ever they from and background, we are ready to bring them closer and bringing home their best memory of places and friends they are making. We regularly (at our best) updating information about destinations that we have close partner and friends, even we will not tolerate smallest details as if it for our own satisfaction. Come and join us to become friends of the World!

Nevertheless, keep visiting this page and am looking for your feedback.

Thank you.

GoTravel Holiday Sdn Bhd